Forever dolphin love

March 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

Dolphins as seen from Oriental Bay. Photo by Steven Wong aka @winesentience.

Dolphins as seen from Oriental Bay. Photo by Stephen Wong aka @winesentience.

As news stories go, it wasn’t supposed to be much of a news story. Word on Twitter this week was that a huge pod of dolphins was churning its way around Wellington harbour. The Radio New Zealand news room ignored it because it is radio without pictures and, anyway, dolphins come into the harbour at least once a year on the hunt for schools of fish. I wouldn’t call them a common sight but you could say they are a regular sight.

But in no time at all, the Wellington twitterati was cooing with pleasure as more and more people from vantage points in office blocks overlooking the water witnessed the massive pod of up to 100 bottlenose dolphins turn the inner harbour into a banquet. They laboured their way in front of the skyscrapers that lined Jervois Quay like a peloton in a road cycle race and Twitter was positively radiating delight at the sight.

I could just make out the pod from a window on the third floor of the eastern side of Radio New Zealand House before it ploughed across to the Overseas Terminal and Oriental Bay. There they lingered a while, casting a spell in glorious sunshine in front of hundreds of Wellingtonians on the waterfront.  This was happening on a superlative summer afternoon – the latest in an unbroken series of beautiful days in what forecasters are calling the sunniest summer in a lifetime and longer.

There are photos from the Scoop team here and there’s raw video from TV3 here.

Twitter transmitted the excitement to those of us trapped in our workplaces. All the while I was thinking what an endorsement this was for our city, for the cleanliness of the water in the harbour and for their status as a protected species, that this unusually large visitation by one of the most recognisable ambassadors of the wild oceanic world should feel so at ease and at home so close to us.

If you’re wondering where the headline came from, here’s a video of the inspiration – Forever Dolphin Love by New Zealand’s own Connan Mockasin.


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§ 2 Responses to Forever dolphin love

  • Pip says:

    When I worked for the Classification Office in BP House work used to stop when dolphins came into the harbour. We’d all line the windows and look on in awe.

    • Charles Mabbett says:

      Thanks for the comment, Pip. I remember one year when I worked on Jervois Quay, there was a similar sight, about five or six years ago. I think it’s magical and if it happens every month, I’ll never tire of it.

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