St Rupertsberg say goodbye to their drummer

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

St Rupertsberg said goodbye to their drummer last night. She’s leaving to go overseas and now there’s a cloud over the band’s future. For the time being, St Rupertsberg have no drummer and it may be a while before we see them play again.

In the meantime, there will be no long waits for them to come on stage, like the night Kate and Wills became married. It will also mean no songs about tsars, creatures from the deep, having sex in parks and cemeteries, decaying middle European countries and New Zealand summers. At least, until they find another drummer.

Rock and roll history tells us that rock bands split up, get into booze, drugs and sex, egos get out of control and it all ends badly. I’d hate for that to happen to St Rupertsberg. We’d miss their late night starts, the clothing themes (they wore stripey dresses last night and a month ago it was dungarees) and the unabashed fun of seeing them play.

In the medium to long term, the odds of St Rupertsberg staying together are not good. The history of rock music tells us that. Ambitions and life plans are not shared equally. It must be difficult to keep eight individuals focused on a single mission especially through the struggle years of suffering for art.

If the sisters of St Rupertsberg are here for a short time, we will remember it as a good time, a lucky time. In the future, I hope many of you will kick yourselves with regret for failing to have seen the great St Rupertsberg at their peak, before its talented young members got sidetracked by life and work and travel and being mature and boring.

But when that time comes, we will have a sheaf of perfectly formed pop songs and blurry YouTube memories of St Rupertsberg, back in their day.

The three songs featured here are I’m So Fucking Goddamned Lonely, In Albania and Summer Jams. Their five song Seasonal Glimpse EP can be bought here. St Rupertsberg also have a Facebook page and a MySpace page.

St Rupertsberg are Hera Bird, Isobel Cairns, Catherine Henehan, Miriam Nelson Clark, Thomasin Sleigh, Sarah Smyth, Kate Uhe and Kate Whelan. There’s a rumour circulating that they are all librarians. This is untrue. Only one of them is.


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